November 9, 2015



Ayahuasca: This Amazonian Brew May Be the Most Powerful Antidepressant Ever Discovered

November 9, 2015

Source: Ayahuasca: This Amazonian Brew May Be the Most Powerful Antidepressant Ever Discovered

The Demonization of Psychodelic Drugs

November 9, 2015

Source: The Demonization of Psychodelic Drugs

Ayahuasca: This Amazonian Brew May Be the Most Powerful Antidepressant Ever Discovered

November 9, 2015

Source: Ayahuasca: This Amazonian Brew May Be the Most Powerful Antidepressant Ever Discovered

Medicine Tales Part 1: Setting the Stage

November 9, 2015

Source: Medicine Tales Part 1: Setting the Stage

Falling in Love with the Earth

November 9, 2015

Source: Falling in Love with the Earth

The Path of the Sacred Clown: Where Trickster and Shaman Converge

July 27, 2015

I don’t know of any such concept as ‘the Sacred Clown’ in our culturally vapid mainstream paradigm. Thx 4 this post. John

Sundance Journal – 2013

July 27, 2015

some astute, attentive observation; true experiential ‘learning.’

A Long Walk Might Be Like Drinking Ayahuasca

July 27, 2015


Balanced On the Edge

In a comment on a recent post, “Why Go on a Pilgrimage?, “  Elissa from Sometimes She Travels  writes: In fact, one piece of Camino graffiti from last year that I thought about every day this year was, “What are you doing? Why?” 

It has been 24 days since I returned from Spain, and I am still processing how the journey has changed me. Once we begin a pilgrimage, we never truly leave it. It’s a spiral, a labyrinth that continuously leads us closer to the center.

In some ways, going on a very long walk seems to resemble a shamanic healing. Most of us have heard about the Australian aborigines’ ritual of the Walkabout. There are also the stories of Jesus walking in the desert for 40 days, or the Coptic Saint Mary of Egypt, who wandered in the desert a for lifetime with the hopes of purging…

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The Alto Misayoq and The Buried Secrets of Peru?

July 27, 2015

Master Mind Content

lightning in the Andes Image credit: Tobiasvde

Since the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in 1532 desecrated their culture, Shamans of Peru have done their best to keep the ancient customs of their ancestors alive.

Oral traditions have been passed down through generations since the defeat of the Inca, but sadly, a great deal of knowledge has been lost, misinterpreted or corrupted.

In the modern world, the sons of shaman are not interested in learning ancient knowledge and following in the footpaths of their forefathers. Instead they are lured by the western ideals of money and materialism.

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